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Saturday, January 08, 2011

must watch episodes !!!

The Family Guy

This is the must watch comedy series....
The Family Guy on Astro channel 710
Citer nie sumpah klakar tahap gaban....
mmg sronok r layan
first time tgk pon da rase tertarik
wlupon lawak die pelik2 sikit tp mmg masuk akallah...
crite ni mengisahkan bagaimana kehidupan
masyarakat AS yg sebenar.

Antara karakter yg ada dlm TFG ni
is louis(si emak),stewie(si baby),peter(si suami),megan(si anak perempuan),
chris(si anak lelaki)and brian(si anjing)...
episode ke berape ekk skang??
entah lerr...xtau lar plak.tau tgk jer....

 xtau lar plak lau citer nie ley download plak an..
jgn confuse crite ni ngn The Simpsons plak..
wlupon seakan2 sama,tp xsama...

senang citer...
nak tau lbh lanjut silalah bkak Youtube and search citer nie...
but for me personally
i rate this Tv episodes 

The entry...

The Intro

first of all....
this is me and that is him
for sure we are couples
weve been together almost a year now
currently enthusiastic bout celebrating our 
one and only anniversary

 which is on the 29 jan 2011
very super duper excited bout dis
the reasons y i did my blog back
is bcos dis blog is .......
erm,i donno what dis is for

its a gud way for me and my frens
to hv beter communications in future & oso
share & discuss
on love/personal/other problems.
this is gonna be FUN.
+vely sure bout dis...
okeyh...thats all
folow me guys
love ya <3