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Sunday, January 16, 2011

wonderful gift

The sweetness+ warmness

on the 15 jan 2011
my b and i went out
just a normal hngout togeder
g makan-makan, jalan-jalan, shopping ckit,
snap situ-sini, but then......
die tanye sal adiah anniversary. he askd me whether i oredy bought it or not??
i said yes, then he said..
b xtau nk bg ap kat syg...

at first,i was a little bit crush (just a little tiny bit okee)
but then he said...
syg nk ap??gtaulah b.
tetibe otak i start functioning...actively
mcm basikal lama pasang enjin kete

"nak teddybear ley??"
haa,amik ko...
terkeluar pon ayt tuhh...fuhh
credit by lovely lace yg dok tayang tedybear...

mula-mula tuhh die mcm
"teddyber??mahal tuhh"
apelagi....tetibe i jd actress yg mng grammy larhh
muncung dtarik pannnjjaaaannggg gituhh,
buat-buat sedih,touching

yes!i did it
he asked me to go to
The Mines Wonderland
n i said oke,y not??
lgpon its a been a long time snce i shop there

plus-minus traffic n tol n parking cm s***
sampai sudeyh

besar oo the mines.da tmbah new section
smpi nk
after having some BigApple's & Slurpy
(which his favourite)
off we go

pusing sana-sini
then sampailah kat satu kedai nih
caled HoneyBee
nama cute mcm kedai dia
dlm kedai tuhh there's a tons of cute tedybear
with all kinds of shapes,color,& sizes

i was like super thrilled
nk plih ap ek??coklat,putih,dark brown??
mne cute??mne sweet??

yg si dia cbok dok tgk price tag ngn bank
sory b,but d tedy bear yg b blikn ni is perfect & affordable
thank u soo much
it's a secret btw us both
teehee ;) 

TG u like it too
we decide to give our baby nmed PuPu

the cutest part
i was like hugging & kissing it all d way bck home
and he was taking part too
u wanna know wat he did??

sory b....haha
he was like talkin to the bear saying
alololo...pupu syg. pupu watpe tuhh??
comel lar plak an lelaki melayan tedyber gf die

ohh my goodness
lupe nk tunjuk pupu.
oke,this is pupu
the wonderful gift ever 

okelah,thats all for now
love ya<3 


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