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Friday, February 25, 2011

math is fun :)

when i stalked pictures org kan, then i terjumpe la and interested ngan 1 question ni.
its about mathematics
im interested because my field is in maths.
so ade pape berkaitan ngn numbers ni memang pantang sket laa..(poyo)
ok juz check it out!!

mane pergi ekk lagi RM1? konpius ni konpius..hahaha.....ok ni ade beberapa kajian yang telah saya kaji

First Research
  1. hotel RM30 so, 3 person RM10 + RM 10 + RM 10
  2. then, hotel RM25 (discount price) so, RM25 / 3 = 8.33333333
  3. then, consider we take only RM8.
  4. conclusion, the missing RM1 is on .33333333
Second Research
  1. i assume that calculation is wrong!!
  2. now i take RM25 / 3 = RM8.30 (rounding off)
  3. add up RM1 each person given by receptionist so, RM8.30 + RM1 = RM9.30
  4. then RM9.30 x 3 = RM27.90 (3 persons)
  5. RM27.90 + RM2 (tips) = RM29.90 ??????????
  6. at here, i started to get really confiusssss
ok at this point, i have started feeling kind of desperateeeee.. geram pon ade... i think again and again and again.. Lastly,
through all the 'kesusahan' and 'kepeningan' and then
idea comin'.. ive noticed sumtin..hahahaha

Last Research
  1. we ignore the hotel price of RM30
  2. at first, each person pay RM10 but, RM1 had returned 
  3. so, RM9 x 3 = RM27
  4. at this point, RM2 (tips) is included in RM27.
  5. so, the price of the three person pay without tips is RM27 - RM2 (tips) = RM25
  6. to get another RM5, tips RM2 + RM3 (RM1 dat returned to each person)
  7. lastly, RM25 + RM5 = RM30
  8. in conclusion, there is no missing of RM1..
in general, Maths is actually fun :))

by noor hizwan <3


  1. gonna share dkt fb.. hehe.. like2..

  2. sb... buat apa darab 9x3.. padahal sewa rm25. 9x3 tu yang wat konfius. aku rasa laa.. hehe

  3. hahahha..sebenarnye xdelaa konpius mane ponnn..saje je die pusing ayat sane sini bagi konpiuss

  4. weiii...mende ni senang la tahi.....aku bole jwb sebelah mata....hahahahha