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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Origami + strawberry = perfection :)

perfect evening :)

hye :) what makes you think dat will make a perfect evening? sleeping? playing games?? doing nothing? guess evrybody got their own opinion bout that. same goes too me oso. for me, what makes a perfect evening is doing some origami & having an ice cream.. nyummy~

This very evening, my hubby n i having such a great time doing some origami. we did a lot of origami such as bunny, ladybird, puppy, flower, fish, n lots is so much fun :) B,thnx cz sanggup tolong i wat origami nihh. Rasenyer the first time i did some origami  is when i was in prim 3..i guess..cnt remember. my mom bought a packet of shiny papers. Then she said, "Kak, ni origami. Belajarlah buat" . i fell for origami dat moment altough it was tough yet soo much fun cz i hart arts snce i was a child. Y origami is fun?? coz its like a puzzle where u sort things out till u get to ur goal. u never knew how it gonna end up like & the feeling when u finish ur piece. its a wonderful feelin. And thats y for me origami is such a great hobby n fun things to do. how bout u guyz??


japanese flower

lotus flower 





After we finish doing it, my B da terlena dah kat lantai. poor B, xcukup tdo. smangat sgt g Broga Hills tuh.hehehehe..i snap a pic of him sleeping. soo cute :) then i cook some strawberry pancakes. it was marvelous... with strawberry ice cream on top of delicious creamy pancakes....Ermmmm. its just perfect. Eating pancakes with ur love ones & doing some origami makes my evening = perfection :)

Jom berorigami, bukan berpoligami :)
By Farah<3


  1. hehe..saya teruja! the feelin of stdy maths and doing origami lebihkurang dats y i heart maths so much